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Eddington Advisory: Transforming Corporate Ecosystems Through Conscious Leadership

When illness struck Tom Eddington, this titan of global mergers transformed his life and work to become one of Silicon Valley’s most renowned business advisors

At the top of his corporate career, Tom Eddington was working 70+ hours a week juggling multi-million dollar clients, managing global mergers including HP/Compaq and Chevron/Texaco, and consulting with leaders in 35 countries while pursuing a master’s degree. He was also averaging four hours of sleep a night and experiencing brain fog and periodic bouts of temporary blindness.

“I would be driving to a meeting and I would just pull the car over because I couldn't see,” he recalls. “I would just wait for a half hour, 45 minutes, whatever it took for my eyes to restore, and then I would just keep going.”

Tom moved from the UK where he and his family were living back to the United States, cut his workload from three full-time jobs to one, and tried to keep working, but the spells of blindness worsened. Unable to ignore his body’s warning signs any longer, he visited multiple doctors before being diagnosed with a severe bacterial infection.

At age 44, Tom found himself unable to work. Since his work was his life, he found he had also lost his identity.

Through four years of “fighting not to die,” Tom changed his life. He began exercising, meditating, and pursuing holistic healing. Today he’s found new life and health advising other C-suite leaders how to overcome toxic stress and build thriving global enterprises. The solution: conscious leadership.

Conscious Leadership: Connecting the brain, heart and gut

In 2011, with a lifetime of insights in business and personal growth, Tom started his own consulting practice, Eddington Advisory Services, to help leaders explore their lives and work in a profound way. His work focuses on supporting leaders to help them:

* Solve organizational challenges;
* Foster innovative, strategic thinking that bridges to the future; and
* Turn creative ideas into reality.

The principles that Tom teaches to create thriving organizations are not generally taught in business schools. Traditional business leadership emphasizes intellect and drive. Conscious leadership focuses on helping leaders develop emotional intelligence, body intelligence, and – in Tom’s body of work – a connection to heart and spirit.

“The brain is there to serve, analyze, and interpret what the gut is telling us, and the heart is where the brain and gut meet,” he says. ”The journey I take my clients on is to get them to move from their brains to their gut, and then to integrate their heart, their brain, and their gut.”

Exploring corporate ecosystems, enhancing human connection

Tom likens corporations to natural ecosystems. While evolution guides changes in nature, many corporations and organizations struggle to adapt to the changes sweeping the global economy. Our education, health care and banking systems, and the systems within our business and work environments, remain largely mired in the past.

“We have a multigenerational, multiethnic workforce. And all of those systems and organizations in society are outdated, outmoded, and collapsing before our very eyes,” he says. “Creating a different kind of organizational culture is part of the solution. But fundamentally changing the systems is a critical piece of what needs to be fixed.”

This starts with leaders changing their approach to life and business. Tom teaches his clients to let go of the idea of “work-life balance” and to understand instead that their work and personal lives are integrally connected.

“I’m there to ensure that my clients are living the life they want to be living and dealing effectively with all of its amazing highs and intense lows,” he says. “I show them how to be calm in the midst of whatever troubles they are facing.”

Overriding fear

Tom teaches leaders to understand that they operate from four states of consciousness that often shift according to circumstance – and that they can override the lower states that are based on fear. He uniquely ties his experiences as a titan of global mergers with the humility, compassion, and vulnerability that come from being knocked down – and finding the strength to climb back into life.

“I wake up every day with the intention of living my life from a place of love and trust. And I had a lot of experiences in the last decade that would make it very easy for me to live my life from fear. My wife died. My daughter got sick. I was sick. I almost died. I wasn't able to work for a long period of time.

“I could have chosen a story that life is dangerous and we need to be in fight, flight, or freeze mode. I made a choice to not live my life from that place. And so, it’s from that personal journey as well as my research and work that I help my clients make that choice as well.”

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PRESS RELEASE 4/18/19 Eddington Advisory: Transforming Corporate Ecosystems Through Conscious Leadership

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